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Math Madness ONLINE Tournament

8th Annual AMC/AreteLabs Math Madness event.  


* Offered at 3 levels: ES (3-5th), MS (6-8th), and HS (9-12th)

* 100% Online, Team-based, with patented Real Time Scoring

* Season commences the week of Oct. 11th, registration open through Oct.

* 4 weeks of scrimmaging followed by a bracket tournament

* Expertly-crafted content  excellent prep for AMC, MATHCOUNTS, and MOEMS  

* One 30 minute match per week playable any day/time, featuring individual and collaborative play

* Discounts available as needed  students can play from home where schooling is virtual 

Follow this (and scroll down) for a full description of the event including prices:

Follow this for a YouTube video tutorial of the Math Madness platform:

The Match Arena (featuring a H.S. test item)

Match Arena.png

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