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Whittenberger Foundation Due: 08-15

Any great idea!


  Idaho Community Foundation- Forever Idaho Southwest Regional Grant Program Due: 08-15

Any great idea


Idaho Future Fund Grant Due: 08-15

Items you may need because of budget cuts


Home Depot Grant

CTE programs- or community improvement items


Target Field Trip Grant -opens in August

Field Trips


Mazda Foundation Grant Due: 07-01

STEM ideas


  Albertsons Due: Monthly

Health ideas


Toshiba Due: Various

STEM grants


  American Honda Foundation Due: 08-01

STEM ideas


  Donors Choose Due: Year Round

Donors Choose Tips and Match Offers:

Will do some PD- at this time keep less than $500


  Idaho Arts Commission Due: 06-08



NEA Learning and Leadership Grant- PD Grant for NEA Members



  NWPE Due: 10-01



Thank you for agreeing to create a donor's choose account and apply for a classroom grant to support needs at your school.

Please note that you will need a picture of your classroom, preferably including backs not faces of students. More details are below and on the Donor’s Choose website.

1.  Create an account:  Go to Google Chrome (super important!), open this link and follow the instructions. 

Note:  You will be asked if you agree that the materials you are requesting are going to be used in the classroom to benefit your students.  You have to agree to this statement:  "All materials received through will stay in the classroom to be used/experienced by my students." Say yes.  Your students will experience these materials and they will be housed in a classroom. 

2.  Name Your Project: Give Your Project a Name that is simple and straightforward:

Example:  Books for Student Book Club

Example:  Book Sets for Students Interested in Social Justice

Example:  Book Sets for Family Read Night

3.  Go Shopping:  Choose Amazon as your vendor.  You need an account attached to your school email.  If you don’t have one, you will be prompted to create one.  Attached is your shopping list! You want to make sure your order is under $400! Those are best funded.

4.  Summarize Your Cart.  Describe the items in your cart as prompted. 

5.  Tell Your Story:  Address each prompt in this section:

  • ·         Introduce us to your classroom
  • ·         Tell us more about your students
  • ·         Describe how your students will use the materials you’re requesting
  • ·         Close by sharing why your project will make a difference

You know your students best.  Use your own words. .  Here is an example to get you started: 

Example: We need sets of books to participate in a school-based book club so we can read for fun.

Example: My students are interested in social justice and we are wanting to read books related to immigration and migration.  We need sets of books that support this theme and meet a variety of reading levels.

Example: We want to start a school-based book club.  Our theme "Finding Your Home" allows us to explore different titles and relate it to various cross-curricular aspects including social studies, geography and English. 

Again, please vary your wording to make this sound like you. . .

Example: My students need a class set of books for our classroom library that we can use to participate in our school's book club.  This year's theme is Immigration and Migration:  Finding Your Home.  We will read various books that center around this theme including supporting family read nights, guest speakers related to immigration and migration and maker spaces that support this theme.

6.  Add Details:  Choose the items that pertain to you.  And Example: you are primarily requesting Books. Your subject will support Literacy (additional subject can be history or civics/Government.  Choose your grade level (s).  The number of students can be your entire school population, or just your personal class load.  Up to you.

7. Upload a photo.  The photo should reflect you and your students.    Tell what you need (some ideas) in your own words.  This can be one sentence long!!  (if the words are identical to other grants, your grant won't be approved): 

Review your grant. 

Bernadette's phone number is 867-0774.  A thousand thanks to you! 

We know that you have a million things to do, and appreciate your time.

If you have any questions or concerns about this website please contact

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